Why A Waterbed?

Why a Waterbed?

Waterbeds are now Australia's most comfortable beds. The modern style and unbeatable benefits of Aquafoam® soft side waterbeds makes them the only choice to replace the old fashioned traditional beds. With comfort, durability, compatibility and value your search for the best nights sleep ends with an Aquafoam® waterbed.

A waterbed is a great alternative to the old fashioned innerspring, latex and viscoelastic foam beds. Because waterbeds use the displacement of water to provide comfort and support, they conform better to your body than any other type of bed. This is the best way to promote circulation, a natural body position and a good night's sleep.

The water volume in a waterbed is infinitely adjustable. This means that rather than relying on a mattress manufacturers' idea of comfort using numbers to identify soft, medium and hard, you can perfectly adjust the feel of your waterbed to suit your personal preferences. If those preferences change in time, you can simply readjust the waterbed.

Aquafoam® waterbeds don't wobble or wave. The internal design of the water mattress ensures that the water is stabilised. Partner disturbance is actually less on a waveless waterbed than on other mattress types.

Innerprings, latex and other kinds of bed rely on compression of some material to try and give the sleeper comfort. The material (whether it's coiled steel springs, foam or fluff) compresses and expands every time the sleeper sits, lays, turns or moves on the bed. So as soon as you start using the old fashioned traditional beds, the materials start wearing out, body dents appear and hope of long term comfort rapidly deteriorates.

A waterbed by comparison, uses the displacement of the water for comfort. It is not under pressure and the water cannot be worn out through use. That is why Aquafoam® waterbeds have 'durable comfort'. Even 30 year old timber framed waterbeds are as comfortable now as they day the were bought.

Modern Aquafoam® soft side waterbeds conform to the 'Australian Standard' bed sizes so they use regular bedding and bed furniture. Any standard bed frame suitable for use with an ensemble-base bed is suitable for use with a soft side waterbed. Other bed frames that have slats for a conventional mattress can almost always be converted and used with a waterbed at little or no cost.

Soft side waterbeds use standard bedding including fitted sheets, underlays and mattress protectors. Aquafoam® soft side waterbeds have a zip-on woollen top that covers the water mattress and works just like an underlay. Aquafoam® wool tops can be zipped off and gently machine washed.

If you already have a standard bed frame and standard bedding that you wish to continue using, the same size Aquafoam® waterbed will be completely compatible.

Aquafoam® waterbeds provide outstanding value compared to all other types of beds. The level of comfort exceeds that of all other sorts of mattresses but the cost is comparable to basic innerspring beds. There are three ranges of Aquafoam® waterbeds available. The Aquafoam® Classic range is an excellent introduction to waterbeds for the budget conscious who still want the best nights sleep. The Aquafoam® Elite range raises quality and comfort to the next level. Finally, for the discerning buyer who wants opulent luxurious comfort there is the Aquafoam® Aquapedic® range with a deeper fill and manufactured from the highest quality components available. It is simply Australia's most comfortable bed.

Not only are waterbeds good value to purchase but the durable comfort and modular system mean that they can be maintained, upgraded and even repaired so your original investment gives many, many years of the best sleep possible.

Medical Facts

Waterbeds may also benefit sleepers with pronounced or acute medical conditions such as asthma or allergies, back or spinal problems, arthritis or rheumatism.

Waterbeds are also better for suffers of asthma and allergies, as they do not hold dead skin, dust and other food for dust mites the way all other mattresses do. The cavities within other beds provide an ideal breeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites. While bed bugs are a serious concern, infestations are fairly uncommon in most parts of Australia. Dust mites however, live in every room of every house. Other beds are an ideal habitat for them, staying warm and dark with a plentiful supply of food in the form of dead skin and other bodily material. The refuse and excretions of dust mites build up in conventional bedding, which can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions and other adverse effects.

By comparison, a waterbed is so much more hygienic. The wool top can be removed for washing and the mattress surface cleaned with waterbed vinyl cleaner to remove any build up of dust, dust mites and other allergens in just minutes!

Always consult your medical practitioner before committing to purchase and use any product for medical reasons.

Naturally, a waterbed may be ideal for those suffering from back or spinal problems. The improved support and circulation may provide the right level of comfort and support to make certain back or spinal conditions much more comfortable. The ability to infinitely vary the firmness of the mattress by varying the water level can also assist. Unlike a conventional bed which may come in levels such a "soft", "medium" or "hard", a waterbed will have a fixed degree of movement and variable firmness so you can adjust it as your needs change.

Always consult your medical practitioner before committing to purchase and use any product for medical reasons.

The thermal warmth and support of a waterbed is also highly beneficial in many cases. By gently regulating body temperature, it is possible to promote comfort and circulation. Sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism or related ailments may experience improved comfort and relief sleeping on a waterbed.

Always consult your medical practitioner before committing to purchase and use any product for medical reasons.

Waterbeds support your entire body evenly so there are no pressure points. This may be beneficial to people who are suffering from burns or bedsores.

Always consult your medical practitioner before committing to purchase and use any product for medical reasons.

Installation Tips

Aquafoam® Waterbed Installation Instructions

Waterbed Care


Proper care and maintenance prolongs the life of your waterbed.

Water conditioning is important!

The most important thing to do to prolong the life of your waterbed mattress is to condition the water.

Use the Approved Water Treatment

The only approved water treatment is Blue Magic™ Multi Purpose 12-month conditioner.

Planning to empty your waterbed?

Whenever your waterbed is emptied for any reason, replace the water conditioning treatmentr immediately upon filling.

Why body oils are a problem

Body oils are acidic and may harm the mattress over a period of time. Everyone perspires and these naturally occurring oils permeate into bedding.

What to use to remove body oils

We recommend the use of the only scientifically formulated waterbed vinyl cleaning product Blue Magic™ Vinyl Cleaner once a month. This cleaner has no harsh chemicals to damage the mattress.

Removing body oils is simple!

A light spray and wipe of the water mattress surface is all that's needed.

A Blue Magic™ Air Extractor makes removing air bubbles from your waterbed easy.

How does air get into the mattress?

Water consists of oxygen molecules and because it is heated there will always be a small amount of air produced inside the mattress.

Are air bubbles detrimental?

Air bubbles are not detrimental to the waterbed in any way. The air bubbles allow the water to make a sloshing sound that may be annoying when moving on the waterbed.

What causes excessive air bubbles?

An excessive amount of air in the mattress is usually a sign of poor water quality in conjunction with no conditioner, the wrong type of water treatment or an inferior water conditioning treatment.

Waterbed heater inspection periods

We recommend the heater in your waterbed be inspected every 5 years or whenever the bed is emptied (this is usually the most convenient time).

Contact Ultimate Waterbeds about this service.

Changing the water level in your mattress

From time to time you may need to adjust the level of water in your waterbed as your body physical fitness, weight and size changes over time.

Setting the water level

The simple rule to use is: the more of us there is, the less water needed.

Unsure about the level of water in your waterbed?

If you're unsure what water level is right for you,Contact Ultimate Waterbeds.

Keep the bed - change the mattress!

If your body's support needs change, it is simple to upgrade your water mattress without changing your complete waterbed.

A large range of mattresses available!

Ultimate Waterbeds has a large range of mattresses available to suit your waterbed.

Contact Ultimate Waterbeds for more information.

Hire a pump and make the job easy!

Whenever you need to empty your waterbed, Ultimate Waterbeds has high efficiency suction pumps available for hire.

Call an Ultimate Waterbeds technician

You can arrange for a service technician to do empty your waterbed for you if you're not comfortable doing this yourself.

Waterbed Removals

Ultimate Waterbeds can even have your bed moved from one house to the next.

Contact Ultimate Waterbeds about these services.

Repair Kits

In the unfortunate event that the water mattress is damaged, repair kits are available.

Professional Mattress Repair

Ultimate Waterbeds has experienced highly skilled service technicians for all your waterbed needs.

Contact Ultimate Waterbeds for more information.

We can help with your waterbed problem!

You may have other waterbed care questions or issues that aren't listed here.

Ultimate Waterbeds will help you care for your waterbed.

Contact Ultimate Waterbeds for more information.

Waterbed Sizes

Waterbed size standards differ, depending on the type of waterbed.

Soft side waterbeds conform to the following 'Australian Standard' bed sizes.

NOTE: These are external measurements.

Bed Type Metric Imperial
King 1830mm x 2030mm 6' x 6'8"
Queen 1530mm x 2030mm 5' x 6'8"
Double 1380mm x 1880mm 4'6" x 6'2"
King Single 1070mm x 2030mm 3'6" x 6'8"
Single 920mm x 1880mm 3' x 6'2"

Timber frame waterbeds have unique sizes.

NOTE: These are internal measurements.

Bed Type Metric Imperial
King 1830mm x 2130mm 6' x 7'
Queen 1530mm x 2130mm 5' x 7'
Double 1380mm x 1980mm 4'6" x 6'6"
Single 1070mm x 1980mm 3'6" x 6'6"

Obsolete timber frame waterbed sizes:

Bed Type Metric Imperial
Prince 1680mm x 1980mm 5'6" x 6'6"
King Double 1380mm x 2130mm 4'6" x 7'
King Single 1070mm x 2130mm 3'6" x 7'
Queen Single 990mm x 2130mm 3'3" x 7'