"I must admit I was resigned to nights tossing and turning and visits to my physio to sort out my sore neck and shoulders, but after trying out the Aquafoam® Aquapedic® bed I couldn't believe the difference it made to my sleep. Finally, I wasn't waking up aching and I felt completely supported. The fact that it is waveless was impressive too (no mean feat when you're partner is over 6' 6" and 100kgs!). Without a doubt it is worth trying one of these beds – I promise you'll never look back! " — Ali Carle, Triple M Radio Personality

I'm a fan of the Aquafoam® Aquapedic® range at Ultimate Waterbeds, don't just read about them, get out to one of the stores and go lay on one, you'll be converted!" — Cosi, SAFM Breakfast Show host and waterbed addict

With a bad back and bad knees, I was having so much trouble sleeping, waking up in the early hours with pain and aches. When I switched to a waterbed, I found I slept so much better for a longer time and it's been really good." — Simon, an ex-footballer

"I was worried about my son's asthma and dust mite allergies so I looked into waterbeds. There's nothing better for getting rid of dust mites and the fine dust that could trigger an asthma attack. So much cleaner!" — Wendy, a concerned mum

" I never pictured myself owning a waterbed. I'm not really sure why it had just never been considered I guess? Like most people I pictured the old style big wavy timber frame style waterbed. After meeting Philip from Ultimate Waterbeds over lunch one day he insisted I sneak out to the Para Hills store and just have a look. I did and needless to say I have become a fan of ultimate Waterbeds ever since. The Aquafoam® Aquapedic® beds they have out there are state of the art." — A waterbed aficionado

"I just sleep better. I wouldn't sleep on anything else." — Craig, a happy customer

"My partner and I now LOVE going off to bed and have a massive in-joke about how much we love our waterbed. Every person that walks into our house, we insist they can't go past our bedroom without touching our waterbed. "Come on seriously lay down on it, try it , you'll love it" is our normal spiel! Needless to say people say the same thing we did. "Bloody hell, that's so comfy, not how I pictured waterbeds!" — Another waterbed fan